Body Therapies

Body therapies are now more common practice in today's society as people are going back to their ancestors proven and tested health remedies



pamphletAcupuncture has helped billions of people over past thousands of years. Link to pamphlet (want a copy? $10.00+5% GST in Canada plus shipping and handling)


Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture is a form of Laser Therapy that treats the site of injury and/or pain as well as whole body. more...

Marma Chikitsa (Therapy)

It is an Ayurvedic therapy, where Marma (hidden/sensitive) points are treated (rubbed or pressed) to open Srota (channel) blockages and heal structural, functional and emotional aspects by moving the Prana (circulation force) in the body. It uses a gentle finger pressure. Various Aromatherapy products, herbal oils and creams can be used to do therapy on Marma points. As well, crystal and polarity therapy is also applied through Marma points to balance the body. These points are also used in Ayurvedic Facials. There are over 100 Marma points on the body. Many of them coincide with the acupuncture points.

Magnet Therapy

In this therapy small and big magnets are used instead of acupuncture needles to remove energy blockages. This results in healing of various health problems and pain relief.

foot reflexologyReflexology

Feet, hands and body have pressure points which are gently and firmly rugged and pressed upon to open the blockages to heal health problems and correct the imbalances. Treatment may last from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. The therapy is suitable for people of any age.  

Stone Therapy

The heated or cold stone are put on the acupressure points and rubbed on meridians/channels to remove blockages and to facilitate the Chi and Prana to move freely and heal certain health problems such as pain.

Asanas (Yoga), Pranyama and Meditation


These ancient methods are recommended to balance life, increase focus and concentrations, help the body to breathe better and stretch to increase the flow of Prana and circulation and correct health problems. Dr. Pahwa has taught Yoga, Breathing (Pranayama) and Meditation to hundreds of his patients for cancer, depression, infertility, hypertension, hyperactive mind, focus and concentration etc.