noun \mō-da-lə-tē\ one of the main avenues of sensation (as vision)


Ayurvedahomeopathic medicine

Ayurveda is a science of natural health where it finds balances and imbalances in your body and mind. The principle is based on a five elements theory (Panchmahabhutas), which constitute Dosha (constitution) and Prakriti (nature). When Prakriti is unbalanced, one ends up in Vikriti (vitiation), which are imbalances in constitution, tissues, systems and channels. Now we need to correct the imbalances and become healthy. Ayurveda recommends Diet and Life Style changes and as needed, herbal remedies are recommended. Moreover, in advanced cases Cleansing methods are used. Additionally, yoga and meditation are the part of healing where body and mind imbalances are looked after.
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Herbal Medicine

Dr. Pahwa uses East Indian, Chinese and Western Herbs for the treatments of various Health problems. Herbal medicine is as old as human civilization. Over 70% of modern drugs have been discovered through the herbs. Some examples are Aspirin, Caffeine, Reserpine, Penicillin, Sannocot, Taxol etc. The knowledge about Traditional and Modern usages is very crucial. We are up-to-date on the medicinal values and toxic-side effects of herbs. The recommendations are based upon the studies of properties of herbs, cases, research and compatibility of the herbal energetics to the body's constitution, sign and symptoms. Also, with the toxicology background we research and check out any drugs, herbs and nutrient interactions. For the successful treatments herbs need to be combined, based on their energetics at the time of individualized recommendations. Ready to use combination formulas are not individualized, either they do not work or have small effects, otherwise may cause side effects in the long run.

Holistic Nutrition/Nutritional Medicine/Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutrition is the utmost need of any organism. Without better nutrition the body starts showing signs and symptoms of deficiencies throughout the body and the mind. Some important signs and symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies are fatigue, tiredness, anemia, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, bone loss, bone pain, arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, excess sleep etc. Moreover these deficiencies may also cause allergies. Deficiencies are detected through health assessments, medical and personal history, nutritional questionnaire and blood and urine analyses (could be made available through your physician). After the assessment vitamins, minerals, biochemicals and nutraceuticals are recommended. Orthomolecular medicine is another name for the nutritional medicine.


Dr Pahwa recommends Homeopathic Medicine through constitutional analyses and matching the remedy picture with the symptoms of a person in question to balance the body's structural, functional and immune deficiencies. The psychiatry, trauma, abuses and lingering emotional and other health problems are also included in the consultations. The drainage remedies are also indicated in need to eliminate the toxins which are blocking the body’s system pathways and ultimately facilitate healing. We use single (classical), contemporary and combination of Homeopathic products.
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Homotoxicology philosophy indicated that the diseases pass through various developmental stages, from acute to chronic and their pathologies changes. If one encounters the earlier stages of the sickness and treats it with understanding of the homotoxicology know how, one can stop the progression of the disease(s). It is a branch of homeopathy where combinations of homeopathic remedies are employed for acute, sub-acute, chronic, sub chronic, hormonal diseases etc. This modality is valuable in treating degenerative (neurological, muscular, osseous, Integumentary etc) diseases. Also utilizes the methods of drainage/detoxification.

Bach Flower and Related Remedies:

bach flowerEdward Bach discovered and prepared these remedies from flowers. These remedies work onthe emotional body. These remedies can help in treating Public Phobia, Claustrophobia, Animal Phobia, and Fear of speaking in public, Fear going to interviews, Stuttering, Stammering, Shyness, ADD, DHD, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration and Focus,Physical and Mental Weakness and many more. These remedies are also used in the emergency situations such as trauma, accident, travel etc.


In oligotherapy, remedies originate from natural substances such as minerals and ores. They are processed based on Homeopathic pharmaceutical procedures. These remedies help people at physical and mental levels. Body needs several trace minerals in micro-dosages to stimulate the metabolic and biochemical pathways at various levels of the body and to bring it to a balance state and heal the malady. Oligotherapy remedies are available in pills and liquid forms. After consulting a natural medicine practitioner remedies can be taken.


It is branch of Plant Medicine where young buds (before they open) and young terminal plant parts (shoots) are used in making remedies. These are very powerful remedies in their actions and effects and are being recommended for various ailments. These remedies are used in very small quantities. The remedies are effective for all the ages of organisms. Gemmo means buds.