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The Ear and Body Acupuncture

Dr. Ranvir Pahwa

Modern European discoveries have added a new modality to the ancient use of acupuncture for healing. No healing modality is perfect. Integrating ear and body acupuncture in my practice has allowed me to choose the
best modality for patients.

When I learned Chinese body acupuncture I did learn some ear points. Learning Auricular Medicine brought more options to my practice, but the integration has brought its struggles. In my practice I now use both acupuncture methods, solely as well as in combination.

Some patients did not accept ear acupuncture as it felt too painful. Contrarily, some found it fascinating and results were promising, particularly for sports injuries and acute pains. In a few newer patients I used only the ear
and I found they improved greatly with one treatment. I find Auricular can give quicker results in acute cases. And, there were some cases where it did not result in a better outcome.

Detection of blockages with the VAS is another fascinating procedure of Auricular Medicine. It surprises patients
when undisclosed or unknown health problems are revealed. It inspired some patients to learn more about their health.

It is a benefit that people don’t disrobe for ear acupuncture. Some patients are shy and have privacy issues. In cases of infertility and menstrual problems, for instance, needles are inserted below the belly and above the pubic area.

More needles are used in body acupuncture in most cases. As we know, 7 or 8 are maximum needles recommended for the ears, however, 20 needles are recommended for body acupuncture. Some may even use more than 20 needles. Even in combination, one uses fewer needles in total because of the enhanced and quicker results of Auricular.

A knowledge of western medicine is required for European ear acupuncture. Also, near vision must be sharp for accurate needling. You need to enter into various nooks and corners, inside and underside, with ear acupuncture, unlike body acupuncture.

Both procedures have their place in the therapeutic world. Having practiced body acupuncture alone for the last 12 years, I am glad to have this additional and effective tool in my practice.

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